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We Gave The Word To The Kids


Save Your Father’s Day 2019


Danish Cancer Society / Integrated Campaign

Men are more likely to listen to their children than to the Danish Cancer Society. That’s why we gave all of the airtime to the kids by inviting them to create their own Father’s Day ad to be placed by their fathers’ homes.


Launch Film


The campaign launched in a film, where Jakob gave the ultimate surprise to his father with his personal greeting placed on a 16m2 billboard outside his father’s home: telling his father how important he is to him and asking him to check himself for the most common signs of early stage cancer.

“To the world's best dad”

“To the world's best dad”

Jakobs Father’s Day Letter

Jakobs Father’s Day Letter


On the campaign site, everyone could customize a personal greeting, and have it shown where their father was sure not to miss it; on an abribus near his home.



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